• Studio Giordanego Avvocati associati
  • Studio Legale Giordanengo Avvocati Associati
  • Studio Giordanego Avvocati associati
  • Studio Giordanego Avvocati associati
Giordanengo Law Firm, founded in 2000 by a tight group of lawyers, is composed of five lawyers, a counsel and many collaborators.
The team is based on a long experience and partnership together and this is essential for the perfect assistance of the clients.
The offices are located in the centre of Turin, but the lawyers of the team work throughout Italy, giving legal counselling to many important national and international banks, insurances and industrial groups.
La sede storica dello studio si trova in Torino; tuttavia, i professionisti operano su tutto il territorio nazionale, svolgendo tanto attività consulenziale quanto attività processuale nell’interesse di primari gruppi societari nazionali ed internazionali (industriali, bancari ed assicurativi).


• Criminal liability of the companies ex D.Lgs. 231/2001
• Criminal liability of the banks
• Crimes against the Public Administration
• Health and safety
• Mobbing
• Bankruptcy
• Tax and financial crimes
• Environmental regulations
• Market manipulation
• Medical liability